Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Reflections on Vacation

Here are 10 things I love about the State of Maine:

#1 Lobster

#2 the Ocean
#3 The Food (I thought this category deserved 3 pictures. These are my favorite foods in Maine. The pizza is from Finelli's in Ellsworth, the oboy-doughboy (believe the term was coined by this restaurant) in Bass Harbor, and last (but not least) strawberry tarts at Frank's Bakery in Bangor - try the blueberry and raspberry tarts, the berries are native to Maine).

#4 4th of July celebration

#5 Green, green, green (beautiful in the summer - definitely the time to visit Maine)

#6 Charming bookstores (this bookstore actually has a Scottie dog as a mascot, adorable dog - store in Ellsworth Maine)

#7 Architecture of homes and buildings

#8 Simplicity

#9 The sense or feeling of being "home".

#10 Spending time with family & friends

If you are planning a vacation, visit Maine in the summer months and enjoy:)

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  1. This ia an amazing post. I was with you most of the time and never expected such a touching collection of photos. So glad you enjoyed your time home.