Saturday, August 22, 2009


I said to someone yesterday, "Aren't you glad its Friday?" She said, "I don't have any particular feelings attached to days". Is it wrong to have feelings attached to days? When I wake up on a Monday, I feel ill. When I wake up on a Friday, I feel elated! When I wake up on Saturday, I am smiling. When I wake up on Sunday, I feel peaceful . . . . You probably get the point. Do you have certain feelings attached to days? Please make me feel better about this:)

Credits: Letter stickers by cosmo cricket.


  1. I do. I love Mondays this summer because we have our Believing God Study. saturdays are nice too. The phone is quieter those days. Sunday nights because I talk with my family:) Not crazy over days I have to do billing and office work, but it's not bad. I would say you need a change. Feeling ill about your week is a waste of these beautiful days at your age. I wish I could go back and appreciate more each of those days. My heart is for you to love your life everyday. I'll say a prayer.

  2. Thanks for your lovely comments about my travel journal!
    your post is interesting. why did you think it was wrong to have feelings attached to days?
    did you ask her why she doesn't attach feelings to days?
    I think everyone has their own approach...I just try to make every day happy.....