Thursday, October 15, 2009

"Bucket List"

A coworker was telling me that after watching the movie, Bucket List, her & her friend created a bucket list (i.e. list of things to do before they die). One of the items on their bucket list was to see Cher in concert & guess what - they flew to her concert in Las Vegas & said that it was an unforgettable experience! You have to wonder if they would have made it happen if they hadn't recorded it on their "bucket list".

I journal back & forth with my friend & we created our own version of the bucket list - I figured why wait, might as well start now! Our list is 30 things to do in our 30s! & when we hit 40 it will be 40 things to do in our 40s:) What would you put on your bucket list?


  1. oh, what a great idea! I have got to do this. Have you ever heard of "Write it down, Make it happen." It works.

  2. wonderful! living with intention! way to go! xo