Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Morning Journaling

I was looking at a recent blog post about morning pages (see pinchmetoseeifyouredreaming - link on side bar of my blog) & I decided to try it out. I usually am in the art room late in the evening, working in my art journal. I never really thought about the difference between recording events vs. just being in that moment & journaling whatever comes to mind. It was fun to just change things up. Give it a whirl, when you wake up in the morning tomorrow - start journaling!


  1. The colors are gorgeous and vibrant! The lines make it look like there are layers and layers. The morning journaling works for you:)

  2. good for you! the color is wonderful and I think you might like extending your art time! I taught artist way classes for years and still use many of the techniques and kept habits the same!xo

  3. Thanks for the mention and thanks for visiting.