Monday, December 14, 2009


I woke up Sunday morning and felt like I wanted a change. I decided to dismantle my art room and move it into the bedroom. I am hoping that this will inspire more art and more blogging (sorry for the long break). Now, the guest room is just the guest room (1st picture above). I have no idea why during the holidays I chose to start moving. My husband says its my cure for the desire to "move move" - maybe?!

Thanks for all your comments about the gym and procrastinating. I did make it to the gym that day! My goal is 3x/week with my daughter. Last week was 1x (yikes!), but here's to this week! We are talking about signing up for a Marathon, now if we can just make it to the gym:)


  1. oh how we move things around! I moved my office up to my studio and now this spring I am moving my office back to my office, just cannot get enough work done with the emails coming in and it takes up too much space.
    if it doesnt work out in the bedroom, at least you can move it all back!!!
    but this way you can art in bed! hope your husby doesn't mind glitter in bed! LOL!!!
    ps, thanks for picking up the Sew issue! it is fun to know someone in print eh? xo

  2. LOL about the gym! I love the pics. Moving and changing things definitely opens up space for creativity.

  3. I totally understand the desire to "move" things during the holidays. I get that urge a little myself...putting out decorations, taking things down to make room so it's only a small leap to moving whole rooms!!

    Your husband might be on to something -- a solution to your desire to make a permanent move...this is a close second.

    As for the can do this. I know you can. I made it to Pilates last Friday and yesterday (Tuesday) I made it to a spinning class. Tomorrow I'm hoping to tackle hatha yoga. If you can do it 3 times in a week I think that's excellent! We can encourage each other!