Friday, December 4, 2009

"Ugly journal pages"

In Zom's blog,, she talks about "ugly journal pages" and she encouraged me to post one. This ugly journal page I actually posted it to my blog in the past, but cropped it because I really disliked it. One of the comments on Zom's blog, talked about focusing on the process not the outcome. I find when I do less thinking/planning that the page actually turns out better. I like the idea of not worrying about whether the page is "ugly" or not because its really about the process which for me is therapeutic. Here's to stopping the insane worry about whether the page turns out to be good, bad, or ugly:) Thank-you Zom!


  1. Gee, I continued to be amazed at what people consider ugly!

    I have also found that the more pages I create, the less I even think about whether they are ugly. It can be a matter of numbers, lol

    Thanks so much for playing.

  2. beauty is in the eye! I think these are wonderful!

  3. This is ugly? I think we have such high expectations of ourselves that we can often disappoint. Just letting art flow seems to be the best way to "attack" any project. It seems that way for me.

    And what I'm really "impressed" about here is that people will actually look at their own work and call it "ugly". I may find something I've done disappointing because it didn't turn out as I'd expected. Or I wasn't thinking in any focussed manner and just let it flow -- but how can that be ugly? I'm just curious about the use of the word in this exercise. Maybe you don't think it's your best work, but ugly? No.