Sunday, December 6, 2009

No More Procrastination!

I have been procrastinating on working out lately. I seem to find one excuse or another. Why can't Biggest Loser be on tv every night:)? I will exercise today & here are my top 10 motivating factors to leave the house & hit the gym:

#10. Decreases my irritability (so my family tells me:)
#9. Feels like an accomplishment.
#8. Biggest Loser show (no guilt when watching the episode)
#7. My pants will fit better (be able to breathe properly again:)
#6. I love to run!
#5. No thinking about the fact that I should be working out while spending time in the art room.
#4. Get to listen to my ipod.
#3. A check for the calendar (I mark off the days I workout on my calendar, can you say nerd?)
#2. Get to eat more chocolate (at least that's what I tell myself:)
#1. To be healthy!

Ok now that I have made the list, its time for the gym (no more procrastination:)


  1. Excuse me, did someone tell you to write this for me??

    We are so on the same page today -- I woke up thinking about going to the gym (there's a class I like at 10:30 a.m.) and talked myself out of it while showering!!

    And I kept asking myself -- why did I sign up for something I'm not using when I really need to use it and it would be such a benefit?!?

    I love your list of 10 -- I'm copying it and using it as my motivation for tomorrow's class at noon!!! :)

    Hope you made it to the gym and felt better for the rest of the day!

  2. good chocolate is a vitamin! I love Green and Black, organic Mint and dark chocolate, not sugary, and intensley mint and then of course ANYTHING chocolate with chiles!!!! yum! xoxox

  3. A BIG :) What a great list! I'm not even feeling guilty for not exercising and that's a bit scary. Love this post and the journal work.

  4. Personally, I save all my fat calories for darkest chocolate!
    Lovely work, lovely blog! -Jayne

  5. God we really are all alike! I love the biggest loser too :)
    And am just as bad of a procrastinator as you are! Hope you went and got those endorphins going!